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Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean APK

Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean APK


By: Stealthychief

Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean is a noteworthy Personalization android app that created by Stealthychief on Jan 7, 2013, it gets 0 stars,over 50 Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean apk downloads by users, you will find all the Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean's functions and you can free download Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean apk here.

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Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean APK Platforms Android, Android Tablet (Android 2.2 and up)

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Icon Pack - Pop Jellybean APK for Mobile


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Over 380 icons are included, with more to come in future updates! The following launchers/applications are currently supported for this icon pack :

*GO Launcher EX
*ADW Launcher /Ex
*Apex Launcher
*Nova Launcher
*Holo Launcher
*Atom Launcher
*Desktop Visualizer (see MANUAL APPLY section below)



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This is a icon pack with holo style icons with jellybean blue. Perfect for users of Jellybean themes and black and blue icon packs. Minimal and elegant icons.


GO Launcher EX
1. Go to GO Launcher Settings
2. Select Visual Settings
3. Scroll over to Icons
4. Select the icon pack you have downloaded under each of the Icon Style

1. Go to ADWSettings
2. Select Themes
3. Select the icon pack you have downloaded
4. Select Apply

Apex Launcher
1. Go to Apex Settings
2. Select Theme Settings
3. Select the Icon Pack you have downloaded
4. Check the box next to Icon Pack on the next screen
5. Select Apply

Nova Launcher
1.Go to Nova Settings
2. Select Look and Feel
3. Select Icon Theme
4. Select the icon pack you have downloaded
5. Select the box next to Icon Pack
6. Select Apply


Desktop Visualizer (Big Icons)
1. Open the Icon Pack you downloaded from your application drawer
2. Scroll down and select Big Icons (see last screenshot)
3. Select an icon you would like to use by pressing on the icon.
4. On the next screen, long press the image and select save image. Some icons at the bottom may not load so manually scrolling through the bottom section may be required.
5. Download Desktop Visualizer (if not already). It's a free app.
6. Add a widget to your home screen and select Desktop Visualizer and select the 2 x 2 widget. Select the widget on the home screen
7. Select the "Select Icon" button. Select from Image file
8. Choose the Gallery (or gallery related app like QuicPic) and select the Download Folder
9. Select the icon you want to use
10. Complete the rest of the options for the widget within Desktop Visualizer and select Ok.

Just repeat these steps for other icons you want to be displayed as big icons on a home screen.

You can also apply the icons manually for each launcher that icon pack supports. To do this just long press an icon on a home screen and select replace/edit and select the icon you wish to replace it with from the icon pack you downloaded.


Please email us at if you have any questions regarding the icon pack and we will be happy to happy to help :)

Please remember to rate/comment if you like this theme and thanks for downloading!

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