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Kamus Pro 2012 APK
Kamus Pro 2012 APK

Kamus Pro 2012 APK


By: The Name Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Kamus Pro 2012 is a noteworthy Books & Reference android app that created by The Name Technology Sdn. Bhd. on Jan 9, 2013, it gets 4.2 stars,over 500000 Kamus Pro 2012 apk downloads by users, you will find all the Kamus Pro 2012's functions and you can free download Kamus Pro 2012 apk here.

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Kamus Pro 2012 APK Platforms Android, Android Tablet (Android 2.1 and up)

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Kamus Pro 2012 APK for Mobile

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Kamus Pro 2012 APK 1.0

What's in this version: Kamus Pro 2012 is officially out of beta! Version 1.0 contains the following changes: - Updated user interface. - Fixed a bug in history list. - Various bug fixes. We will continue working on improving the interface and functionality. Some of the feature requests are already in progress. Please stay tuned for future releases. Thank you!

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Now, you can learn English and Malay anywhere!

Kamus Pro now runs on your Android smartphones and tablets. You can take Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat, Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan and other dictionaries with you, wherever you go.

Requires Internet connection.


✓ Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat. The most authoritative Malay-Malay dictionary from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

✓ Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan. One of the best English-Malay dictionary, officially from DBP.

✓ Daftar Istilah. Cross references of technical and professional terminology between English and Malay on various subjects including science, mathematics, legal, finance and many more. Officially from DBP.

✓ Malay-Chinese Dictionary. Contains more than 30,000 entries. Supports Malay and Chinese two-way checking.

✓ Smart suggestion. Not sure how a word is spelled? Just try spelling it, and Kamus Pro can suggest the closest match in its database.

✓ History of references. You can easily look up words that you have checked before.

✓ Change text size. Choose larger fonts for easy viewing, or smaller fonts to see more information at one glance.

Kamus Pro is a component of Dewan Eja Pro. For information about Dewan Eja Pro, please visit our website.

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