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JARVIS - Texting Robot APK
JARVIS - Texting Robot APK

JARVIS - Texting Robot APK


By: Paul DeMarco

"Very accurate. Perfect for being able to send and receive text messages hands free!!"

JARVIS - Texting Robot is a noteworthy Communication android app that created by Paul DeMarco on Jun 27, 2013, it gets 3.7 stars,over 500000 JARVIS - Texting Robot apk downloads by users, you will find all the JARVIS - Texting Robot's functions and you can free download JARVIS - Texting Robot apk here.

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What's New v2.0.b11 Fixed permission bug, added dynamic font sizingv2.0.b10 Fixed a critical bug on startv2.0.b9 Support for Note 2! Added a Car Dock Receiverv2.0.b8 Fixed a bug on initial launch and on Long pressv2.0.b7 Initial public release

JARVIS - Texting Robot APK Platforms Android, Android Tablet (Android 2.2 and up)

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JARVIS - Texting Robot APK for Mobile

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JARVIS - Texting Robot APK 1.81

What's New What's in this version: v1.81 - "TTS not installed" bug on Jellybean fixed. Updated to In-App Billing API 3. v1.8 - Personality added

JARVIS - Texting Robot APK 1.8

What's in this version:

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Step 2: Mount your SD card through a USB cord.
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Safely stay connected on the road! Let Jarvis handle your text messages.
Jarvis speaks the incoming text message and lets you send something back using voice commands.

Inspired by the iPhone's Siri, JARVIS now has its own conversational skills.
Press the JARVIS head and say anything!

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please let me know, as opposed to just leaving negative feedback. Thank you!

-Listen to incoming text messages
-Speak your message back
-Answer or Ignore incoming phone call with voice command
-Extremely battery efficient, only runs when a text is received and closes immediately after session
-Utilizes official Google engines for TTS and Voice Recognition

-Push the JARVIS head to wake-up for commands
-Wake up Jarvis and hear your customized wake-up response.
-Or, simply have a conversation with your robot

"Send text to [contact name]"
"Call [contact name]"
"What time is it?"
"Cancel" at anytime to abort the command

★★★★★ "After 2+ years I found the MUST HAVE app. I was able to respond to a text from my realtor while driving I95. Hands-free text receipt & reply." -Robert Milk - ACC Board of Director

★★★★★ "Picked up all my incoming texts, and haven't noticed any affect on battery life." -David

★★★★★ "Must have!!! Incredibly simple yet accurate. 100% win!!!" -Ryan

-Open Jarvis and turn on
-Jarvis will now run when a text message is received
-Follow the yes or no prompts and respond to the message hands-free!
-Upgrade to the PRO version and unlock the ability to initiate commands.

"Nothing happens when I receive a text" - This is most likely due to another app installed on your device. Please follow the instructions below.

-GO SMS >> Settings >> Advanced Tab >> Receive Settings >> uncheck "Disable other message notification"
-HANDCENT >> Settings >> Application Settings >> Disable
-VLINGO, Within phone settings, change voice recognizer from Vlingo to Google Voice.

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