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GfxTablet APK

GfxTablet APK


By: bitfire web engineering

GfxTablet is a noteworthy Tools android app that created by bitfire web engineering on Feb 5, 2013, it gets 4.3 stars,over 1000 GfxTablet apk downloads by users, you will find all the GfxTablet's functions and you can free download GfxTablet apk here.

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GfxTablet APK Platforms Android, Android Tablet (Android 4.0 and up)

Desktop Companion, Client-Side Software, Network Tools, Music Discovery, Media Players and Organizers, Bluetooth Tools, Watch Movies and Shows, Device Themes and Launchers, Hacking, Live Wallpapers

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GfxTablet APK for Mobile

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How to Install GfxTablet APK Files?

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Step 2: Mount your SD card through a USB cord.
Step 3: Select "Open folder to view files"
Step 4: Copy the files to the SD card.
Step 5: Disconnect your phone from the computer.
Step 6: Click the GfxTablet APK file and then install the app.

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GfxTablet allows you to use your Android powered Tablet to act almost like real graphics tablet! Connect your device via WiFi and start painting in any image editing program on your Desktop PC. This is best used when you have a Stylus Pen on your device, because the app supports pressure sensitivity!

Follow us:

Attention: Currently works only under Linux, because we don't know anyone that can develop a driver for Windows or Mac. If you want to see what the app does, try to boot with a LiveCD or install VirtualBox to run a Linux in your host system.

It was a lot of work to create this app! So If you want to support this open source project please consider a donation on PayPal (see details here: Thanks in advance ;)


* Draw and Paint in all of your Desktop applications (i.e. GIMP!)
* 10.000 pressure sensitivity levels!
* Navigate the DesktopPC display by hovering it with your Stylus Pen
* Switch to StylusPen only painting (no interruption by your touching the device with your hand)
* Display mapping (your device' screen will be scaled to map your Desktop PC resolution
* Wireless connection via WiFi
* Low network traffic (3 kB/s)
* Realtime painting! (no noticable drawing lag)
* native Android 4+ app

How to use:

* Install the app
* Download the uinput binary file and run it (download here: Leave it open as long as you want your PC to receive input events from your Android device.
* Enable WiFi on the device, connect it to your LAN.
* Open the app, go to Settings and enter the IP address of your Desktop machine.
* Open i.e. GIMP, go to Preferences / Input devices. Choose "NetworkTablet" and set its mode to "Screen".
* Happy painting ;)

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