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Super WiFi APK

Super WiFi APK


By: Migital Secure

Super WiFi is a noteworthy Productivity android app that created by Migital Secure on Jul 21, 2013, it gets 4.6 stars,over 500 Super WiFi apk downloads by users, you will find all the Super WiFi's functions and you can free download Super WiFi apk here.

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Super WiFi APK Platforms Android, Android Tablet (Android 2.2 and up)

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Super WiFi APK for Mobile


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How to Use QR Codes to Download Super WiFi APK?

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Step 1: First download & install "Barcode Scanner" on your android device.
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How to Install Super WiFi APK Files?

For new android users, they may don't know what is the android apk files, and how to install android apk files. Here provides you the complete guide about Android APK files.
Step 1: Download and extract the file. But if the download file is Super WiFi APK, you can skip to step 2.
Step 2: Mount your SD card through a USB cord.
Step 3: Select "Open folder to view files"
Step 4: Copy the files to the SD card.
Step 5: Disconnect your phone from the computer.
Step 6: Click the Super WiFi APK file and then install the app.

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Super WiFi App allows you to Boost the WiFi connectivity on your phone for FREE!

This Latest WiFi App aims to provide better connectivity for your mobile device. It helps you to find, connect and manage WiFi networks that are available around you.
This feature rich, FREE app will Find available Connections, Prioritize your WiFi Connections, Save your phone's battery, allow easy access to Open Net connections and provide WiFi data usage summaries.

A One Stop Shop, which brings together multiple features for easy use! The perfect WiFi Manager for your phone!
Super WiFi for Android is the one of the most comprehensive WiFi application available in the market!

Why Super WiFi?
Find, Connect & Prioritize WiFi connections.
♦ Keep a track of your Data Usage.
♦ Monitor the speed of the WiFi with our cool Speed-O-Meter.
View List of all available Open WiFi connections.
Save the Battery of your device.
Self Explanatory & User Friendly Interface.
Advanced & Powerful features in one exclusive app!


Here are some of the Advanced Features Super WiFi offers you:

WiFi Priority
Data Usage
Check Speed
Open Net
Power Saver
Track My IP

WiFi Priority: Provides you a List of all WiFi Connections available. You can choose from the two very versatile modes -
1. Auto Booster : Automatically connects to the best available network that is in the range.
2. Priority WiFi : Connects to the WiFi as per the desired priority sequence which can be set by you!
Data Usage: Maintain an account of your Data Usage and view the data summary in a list and in a graphical format.
Check Speed: Keep a constant check on the speed of your connected WiFi! With the help of our exclusively designed Speed-O-Meter keep a track of the connectivity speed.
Open Net: Do you keep searching for Free WiFi networks? Now you no longer need to do that, Super WiFi does it all! It lists all the available Open WiFi connections and allows you to set the priory to auto connect to available Open WiFi connections.
Scheduler: Manage and Schedule the timings to Switch on & Switch off your WiFi connections. Specify timings when you want your WiFi connection to start and stop, which will save you from using your mobile data plan when you could easily use a WiFi connection instead.
Power Saver: What happens when you leave the WiFi connection area, and forget to turn off the wireless connection? All the juice from the battery is drained! This is where Super WiFi steps in, to save the day! It saves your battery by turning off your WiFi when there is no network available.
Track My IP: It Keeps a track of all the IP addresses in a WiFi connection. This is very useful & powerful feature to easily track fake people and fraud companies as well.
Radar: The position of the WiFi connection changes as per the signal strength. With this app you can use the Radar feature to check the access point of your WiFi connection. Radar will display the physical location of your WiFi networks.

Download NOW!!
Get it now to experience Perfect WiFi Connectivity for your mobile!

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